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About Us


Fremantle Trailer Repairs Ltd. is a family based business, established in 1986.


We pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible in the type of work we perform and remain current with the ever changing needs in the transport industry. We facilitate this by staying in close contact with the major manufacturers and suppliers in Canada and Internationally. Establishing positive working relationships with our customers is a priority!


Fremantle Trailer Repairs success is defined by our dedicated staff who service our customer base with a strong work ethic, integrity and excellence. Our company’s goals are to remain competitive in the Commercial Transport Industry by assisting our staff in education, certification and the ability to diversify our work environment.


With 36 years of experience in the Transport Industry we have worked on government and municipal projects, in addition to a unique project for McDonald Aerospace attached to the International Space Station. We are currently contracted out by two Rail Companies and have a working shop located in Port Coquitlam. We operate with a fleet of nine mobile trucks servicing the lower mainland.